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Welcome to the Cloud Hunter Records website. This is the main page where news and updates can be found.

22/09/17: Very Big News: The Great Schizm is planned to play live for the first time on November 17 2017,
at the Weird Garden event in Lincoln. A poster can be found here:

The Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 8 (Part 2) is released today. Track 25 is Iter Meum ad Astris,
by The Great Schizm, a semi-improvised single-take spacey soundscape. It is in a slightly abridged form on the album,
but the full-length version can be heard here:

Three tracks by The Great Schizm (Beyond the Northern Wilderness, Nanga Parbat, and The Familiar Scent of Forever)
are included as background music in the audio book version of 'The Lost Love' by vegan author and activist Michael Lanfield.
The audio book also contains many tracks by other ambient music artists.
The official release is scheduled for March 31st 2017, but a low-quality version can currently be streamed from various sources.

The Ambient Online Compilation Vol. 7 is now released.
Track 128 is an industrial dark ambient collaboration between The Great Schizm and sound designer Ian Gates, titled The Wounded Wasteland.

In other news, the track Cloud Hunter has been featured in this short film to great effect.

The Great Schizm has contributed a track to the compilation album REFLECTION, the final release from
the Free Floating Netlabel. It appears as track 16, titled The Familiar Scent of Forever.


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