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Welcome to the Cloud Hunter Records website. This is the main page where news and updates can be found.

30/10/2019: The sixth themed compilation from Ambient Online is released today, and the theme is light and darkness.
Track 7 is a collaboration with Mombi Yuleman, called EDGE OF TWILIGHT.

The fourth themed compilation album from Ambient Online is now released, with the theme of death and rebirth..
Track 56 is a new solo track by The Great Schizm, titled INSIDE THE TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENT COMPUTER.

Today is the release of The Ambient Online's third themed compilation, and this one is about the planet Uranus.
Track 4 is a collaboration between The Great Schizm and Imogen Projekt, titled SHORELESS OCEAN.

The Ambient Online continues with its themed compilations, releasing the second one today.
It contains another collaborative track involving The Great Schizm, this time with Epilogue, from Sweden,
and the track is called THE BEAUTY OF THE FLAME.

The Ambient Online has released its first themed compilation album, about The Moon.
It features a collaborative track between The Great Schizm and Cetus the Whale. It is called LUNAR TIDES,
and appears as track 6 on the album.

26/07/2018: A new collaborative track is released today, made with Canadian musician Melankolya.
This is a reinvention of the traditional Russian "Song of the Volga Boatmen".


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